Hello “eggs” and sides

September 15, 2016

To celebrate the start of a new term, we’ve launched an exciting new menu. Some of the “old” favourites have made it, we’ve introduced some updated takes on some others, and there’s also a brand new concept…

Having now been open for 11 weeks, we’ve had a good chance to gauge what food you lovely folk of Nottingham are into…And you do love your eggs! For this reason, welcome to, “eggs and sides”.

It’s simples. Choose your eggs (scrambled, poached, fried, or scrambled tofu), pick your base (sourdough, rye, gluten free, amercian panackes or buckwheat galettes) and then pick two sides…this is where it gets fun. We have everything from smoked salmon, to sautéed kale. And if you want to go really wild, you can add as many sides as you want!

And for those who have fallen in love with our bacon sandwich; it’s still there. As are our pan hashes (we’ve even added one!), super tasty salad bowls, and the ever increasingly delicious range of cakes and pastries.

See here for the full menu.