Why do we roast our coffee in house?

July 12, 2016

Aside from it being fun and quirky to have a big coffee roaster and a pallet of large coffee sacks in the corner of our shop, are there other reasons we take the time to roast our own beans?

Hopefully, the majority of us now understand that coffee is more than just taking the lid off a jar, and spooning a heap of granules into a mug! But, even with this understanding, it takes a lot longer than 5 minutes to make the perfect brew.

From Seed to Cup

It is really important to us that we know where the beans we use in our coffee come from.
Click here for more detailed information on the farming of coffee beans.

We want to know how they are grown, harvested and processed, as this all greatly affects the quality of the bean, and therefore the taste in the cup. We spend time getting to know the farms that our coffee comes from.

Roasting the Coffee

The beans come to us in their “green” state and need to be roasted in order to achieve that beautiful brown colour we all associate with coffee and it’s complex aroma.

There is a huge variety of temperatures and durations that beans can be roasted at, all of which enhance (or destroy!) specific qualities in the bean. Roasters create different roasting profiles for beans from different sources. Again, where the bean is grown and how it is processed should affect how the bean is roasted.

Once a coffee is roasted it is essential that a roaster is able to taste the coffees to be able to determine whether the bean and the roasting profile are of good enough quality. For this reason a coffee roaster needs not only a good understanding of how coffee beans “work” but a good sense of smell and a good palate. This quality control procedure is called ‘cupping’ and is used to determine the physical and sensory properties of the coffee; these are attributes like the intensity of the acidity or the general flavour characteristics.

Bringing it Together

We want to produce the perfect cup of coffee! The more control we have, the better the chance of producing a quality cup!

We know where our beans come from and we select them carefully to ensure they are not only ethically produced, but are grown, harvested and processed in ways that ensure the highest quality.

Our coffee roaster is trained and qualified with the “q grader” license; one of the most prestigious (and rare!) qualifications in the coffee industry. This demonstrates his ability to taste the specific qualities present in a coffee bean which directs the decisions used to make the relevant (often minute) changes necessary to reach that “perfect” roast profile.

All in all our hope is that by having such detailed knowledge, expertise and putting in that bit of extra effort, we can provide you with the best coffee experience in Nottingham!

We also sell our beans in whole or ground form for you to buy and use at home.