Tea drinkers rejoice!

August 22, 2016

So what do you do if you want to visit us but don’t like coffee? If you’re an avid tea drinker, will you have to settle for a weak builder’s brew? Don’t be put off, passionate tea lovers of Nottingham; Absolutely we love our coffee, but tucked away on our brew bar, are a row of beautiful cannisters housing the best tea leaves available in the UK.

Our mission in setting up Cartwheel was always to strive for the best in all we did. This had to include our teas. We spoke to some friends who we believed to have their pulse on the tea drinking world and from there, we approached Postcard Teas (postcardteas.com) in London, renowned for sourcing the finest teas from China, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, and Vietnam.

Postcard Teas

IMG_6254Postcard Teas are themselves English, Japanese and Chinese. Over 20 years of tea travels have enabled them to introduce 2 key ideas: provenance and small tea. In 2008 they became the first tea company in the world to put the maker’s name and location on all their 60 teas. More recently they introduced the idea of small tea; buying from those with farms less than 15 acres. They believe that small producing farms are better for people, places, and planet, than the larger producers who supply 99% of all the tea sold in the West.

Postcard Teas buy from small family farms that produce teas like authentic Xihu Long Jing, Wuyi Oolongs, the most sought after Taiwanese teas, and many of Japan’s greatest green teas. And if you take the price paid to the producers as an indicator of a tea’s quality, then these small producers’ teas are definitely better than the plantations’.

Our range

IMG_7092At Cartwheel we don’t stock all of Postcard Teas’ 60 different options, but we do have a range to suit every taste! Their “supernatural black” will satisfy those looking for a “nice cup of tea”. If you’re looking for something more delicate and citrusy, the “Spring Darjeeling” will delight. For a lovely roasty nutty tea to have after some food, the “Roasted Yimu Oolong” will satisfy your taste buds. There’s an earl grey, a peppermint, and more…

All the teas come to us as loose leaves, but we do the timings for you, so are ready to drink when placed on your table, with further flushes available. And if Nigel Slater’s opinion on their tea as: “very very fine teas!” is anything to go by, then you will want to drop by and try one of these beautiful teas today!

For more info: www.postcardteas.com



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